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  • Members enjoy preferential discounts on all services (other products that can be purchased at the Spa are not included).

  • Members enjoy a free facial in the month of their birthday.

  • Members can assign their monthly appointment to anyone, prior written notification to Beauty Forever Miami.

  • Members will enjoy a free service for each referred person who becomes a member.

  • Members will enjoy a discount of at least 16% on all Spa Pink events held during the year.

  • Members will get discounts on purchases made with third-party allies of Beauty Forever Miami. A separate document will detail what is expressed in this point.


Following the initial term of your membership Beauty Forever Miami will give you 45 days’ advance written notice of any increase in the monthly payment under your membership to your email address on record with Beauty Forever Miami or to your last physical address known and such notice shall be effective on the date sent.


Beauty Forever Miami only hires professional estheticians who meet the state, municipal and / or local licensing or certification requirements.

Members can request to see the license or certification of a particular beautician.

The services offered by Beauty Forever Miami are not a substitute for any medical service, and it is the member's responsibility to inform Beauty Forever Miami of any specific pre-existing condition, limitation or sensitivity.

The areas of the body on which Beauty Forever Miami applies its procedures are face, hands, forearms, neck, neckline and back.

If you experience discomfort or pain or feel uncomfortable for any reason during a service, agree to immediately ask the esthetician to adjust the manipulation, draping, pressure, heat or the environment or, if you prefer, you can ask the esthetician to end the service at any time. If the esthetician cannot relieve your discomfort after requesting an adjustment, you will inform the esthetician that you wish to terminate the service immediately, and will be entitled to a refund of the service payment

Inappropriate or illegal conduct will not be tolerated in any manner. Beauty Forever Miami may, in its sole discretion, refuse or discontinue a service if it determines such service may be unsafe or cause discomfort for you or if you engage in any inappropriate conduct as determined by Beauty Forever Miami in its sole discretion.


The payment instruments must belong to the person receiving the service or their legal representative.

If the person receiving the service uses a payment method that does not belong to her (or him), she is automatically admitting that the owner of the payment instrument has authorized its use to pay for the services at Beauty Forever Miami Spa.


Beauty Forever Miami reserves the right to terminate or refuse to renew your agreement for any reason not prohibited by law including, but not limited to, an unsatisfactory payment history.